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KFL Genealogy Group Meeting Saturday, October 4th, 2014


I’m a bit of a family history buff; I’ve been chasing ancestors for decades, though I admit the material is nothing you could call organized or ‘archival’. The Internet has created exponential search options; KFL has free access for patrons to a vast array of sites – for the amateur and professional genealogist, it’s quite thrilling.

A few years back I began attending monthly meetings of the KFL Genealogy Group but life found me busy Saturday mornings with another project, learning to archive a lifetime of poetry by Christine Teale Howes for the Maine Women Writers Collection.  It’s time to rejoin this group (poetry archiving continues on another day each week).  I’ve included a couple links below to wet your appetites.

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Kennebunk Free Library

112 Main Street, Kennebunk, Maine 04043

10 am – noon

Hank’s Room

Panel Discussion of Genealogy Podcasts and Blogs

No charge, no reservations needed!  

Contact info: Janet Cate: 207.985.2173  kfl@kennebunk.lib.me.us






Learning to Blog, 2nd attempt…


It’s always good to challenge yourself with new projects, isn’t it?  I started this process 10 days ago, saying how excited I was to be on my way to learning something technical that was beyond my normal comfort level and now I can’t retrieve it – somehow this strikes me as funny and ironic, even though I do not mean to be unmindful that this is a serious class assignment.  So be it – l shall try again quite happily.  I think it would be safe to say I am still trying to get my head around wordpress and have spent a lot of time clicking about, trying to grasp the logistics.

I have chosen the Kennebunk Free Library (KFL)  in Kennebunk, Maine for my assignment.  It is a lovely 2-story brick building in the heart of downtown Kennebunk and is genuinely a gathering place for this town of 11,000.  As in many communities, we love our libraries here in the Kennebunks, each is different and charming in their own way, and each has made the technology transition as best they can.

On the library website, you can click onto the History and Mission page (http://kennebunklibrary.org/kennebunk/mission.asp ) which shows that the seeds of the library began in 1881 as a reading room in a nearby Unitarian church with the backing of a local pastor and committees of town women. By 1892, funds were raised, KFL had  been willed a sizeable donation and my favorite notation, “Town appropriates funds from dog tax for library use, $176”.

Last week I called Janet Cate, Assistant Director of KFL and forwarded an email request, along with my questions, asking if they had the time and staff who could show me around and answer some questions.  Within 48 hours, Janet had called back and we set up an appointment for 2 pm on Wednesday, September 17th.

Prior to meeting with Janet, I set up an account on wordpress.com and organized my questions for the interview.  Stay tuned for more details of our interview; it was so informative!

Kennebunk Free Library www.kennebunklibrary.org 112 Main Street Kennebunk, ME 04043 207.985.2173

Kennebunk Free Library
112 Main Street
Kennebunk, ME 04043