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Wow – I don’t know where to begin.  I have had technical challenges, editing challenges (I am way too wordy A LOT of the time), and concerns about meeting the ‘deliverables’ for the assignment.  Did I hit all the marks in the rubric?  Did i even know what a rubric really was when I started?

Mostly I worried about the mechanics at first – I was definitely a technology visitor for this project.  I lost my first posting!  Hilarious on some level, freaked me out on another.  I changed formats after a couple weeks from a perfectly serviceable background with books which i thoroughly liked to this wild, colorful option because of my mechanical challenges.  I couldn’t seem to get rid of some of the background irritants so I ended up switching to a format that was more Rusty-friendly.

Then I started creating drafts/posts and saving them ahead of time because I was busy elsewhere and wanted to be sure my postings went out regularly.  I didn’t check back for a while and found I had set the wrong dates so (of course) they weren’t posted, resulting in a few ‘back to back’ posts instead of a more thought-out post-as-you-go approach.

I still have some technical issues I haven’t resolved and no, I’m not going to tell you.  I’ll let you all figure it out!

Janet Cate at KFL is a marvel.  I emailed her in September, sat with her for an hour  or more that same month and then had another email exchange for clarity.  I didn’t check back with her for more details; I decided to visit the library and ask a few questions of other staff members while I took photos.  Everyone was more than helpful and eager to share their expertise.

Did I tick off all the bullets in the instructions including hIghlights, exemplary, unique service, more reflections?

HIGHLIGHTS (not previously mentioned):

There is a Maine Children’s Book Illustration gallery in the downstairs hall at KFL outside the children’s room.  I will attach a couple photos that don’t do it justice.  While not strictly a technology piece, it shows the beauty that goes into reading material for young people and deserves special mention.


Wade Zaharis, pastel

Rising Liberty: The Story of the Statue of Liberty by Pegi Dietz Shea


GENEALOGY: many libraries now offer genealogical resources, KFL is designated as a Family Research Center by FamilySearch.org. They hold monthly genealogy educational and research meetings that are well attended.  The KFL website has a genealogical resource page with additional links.


October Meeting: tips on genealogical blogs and podcasts


Maine genealogical reference guides

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.21.37 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.22.08 PM


genealogy poster 2014-2015

(please click all images to enlarge)


A staff that first caught the technology bug in the 1990s and didn’t let it get the better of them. Twenty years of researching new technologies, new lingo (interactive website, OPAC, e-books, twitter feed!), and staying current in a true technological revolution has led this group to an impressive skill set on which all patrons have come to rely as they use the modern resources at the Kennebunk Free Library.  Leadership, education, sharing their skills, keeping the community aware of their new automated systems, partnering with local museums and libraries to benefit their ‘customers’ – it has been a pleasure for me to learn how adept and skilled each and every library worker has become.


Special thanks to Janet Cate at KFL & everyone else on staff for letting me ask repetitious questions and for demonstrating Overdrive and the DaVinci magnifier and just generally letting me snap a lot of photos of my friend, retired children’s librarian, Lynda Bryan.  Huge appreciation to Sue Perkins at Cape Porpoise Library for taking me on as her Tuesday afternoon volunteer, and thanks a million to my mom, the Reverend Pat Adams (retired!) for loaning me her golden girl, Casey, to perk up this school project.  I learned so much, loved the challenge and now have a new skill that otherwise I would never have thought to pursue.

       IMG_1347     IMG_0140

                                            Lynda Bryan checking her email at KFL                finally getting to relax, Casey & Mom

   IMG_1560   Sue Perkins, Director, Cape Porpoise Library


Learning to Blog, 2nd attempt…


It’s always good to challenge yourself with new projects, isn’t it?  I started this process 10 days ago, saying how excited I was to be on my way to learning something technical that was beyond my normal comfort level and now I can’t retrieve it – somehow this strikes me as funny and ironic, even though I do not mean to be unmindful that this is a serious class assignment.  So be it – l shall try again quite happily.  I think it would be safe to say I am still trying to get my head around wordpress and have spent a lot of time clicking about, trying to grasp the logistics.

I have chosen the Kennebunk Free Library (KFL)  in Kennebunk, Maine for my assignment.  It is a lovely 2-story brick building in the heart of downtown Kennebunk and is genuinely a gathering place for this town of 11,000.  As in many communities, we love our libraries here in the Kennebunks, each is different and charming in their own way, and each has made the technology transition as best they can.

On the library website, you can click onto the History and Mission page (http://kennebunklibrary.org/kennebunk/mission.asp ) which shows that the seeds of the library began in 1881 as a reading room in a nearby Unitarian church with the backing of a local pastor and committees of town women. By 1892, funds were raised, KFL had  been willed a sizeable donation and my favorite notation, “Town appropriates funds from dog tax for library use, $176”.

Last week I called Janet Cate, Assistant Director of KFL and forwarded an email request, along with my questions, asking if they had the time and staff who could show me around and answer some questions.  Within 48 hours, Janet had called back and we set up an appointment for 2 pm on Wednesday, September 17th.

Prior to meeting with Janet, I set up an account on wordpress.com and organized my questions for the interview.  Stay tuned for more details of our interview; it was so informative!

Kennebunk Free Library www.kennebunklibrary.org 112 Main Street Kennebunk, ME 04043 207.985.2173

Kennebunk Free Library
112 Main Street
Kennebunk, ME 04043