Hi everyone, I’m Casey – Rusty calls me Blog Dog.  I’m here to smooth out the rough edges and keep Rusty calm.  I tried for years to be a library dog, but I guess that wasn’t my fate.  So now I’m a virtual library dog.  I help Rusty think things through, mostly when we are at the beach.  She says running around with me at the beach shakes out the cobwebs.  And she thinks it’s high time I’m a tad more useful.  Apparently imitating a rug, chasing chipmunks and eating seaweed are not important skills to humans.

I’m 7, I’m a Golden Retriever and I  had one puppy so long ago, I can barely even recall how big a deal it was.  I live on the coast of Maine.  Pretty nice gig.

I will check in now and then, whenever Rusty needs some help.

Maybe she will take me to different libraries; how cool would that be?


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