Cape Porpoise Library: Changing Times?


Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 12.08.03 PM

  Atlantic Hall houses the Cape Porpoise Library


                Sue Perkins, Director

      IMG_1558      IMG_1554

                                                                       There is always a jigsaw puzzle to enjoy….

 IMG_1653         IMG_1538

                                Tony & Nancy Viehmann & Casey               Book Drop cost over $20,000, second-hand!

Cape Porpoise Library ( )- one welcoming room open 12 hours/week (that’s a WEEK, not a day!), online access & wifi, fax & copier, material still checked out by hand, pet friendly and a 3-minute walk from my door.  The perfect place to volunteer Tuesday afternoons!  Perhaps technology is in the eye of the beholder – up until now, the library director, Sue Perkins (16 years and counting) and the board of directors have felt that their approach has worked just fine for the local population; their patrons agree.  Now they are being ‘encouraged’ by the Maine State Library to jump on the automation band wagon if they want to keep their free internet access.

The patrons are 95% adult with only a very few child consumers; Graves Library in nearby Kennebunkport has a very active children’s program. It’s one of the challenges the library faces as they automate – there is a lot of weeding going on in Adult and Children’s books.  What is the appropriate amount to keep?  What percentage might be better as e-books or audio in the future? What is the time cut-off for disposing of material that is rarely checked out: 5 years? 10 years?

Until October, patrons signed out materials by name, now we have a 3 digit number assigned to us.  The book drop was until recently, an old post office mail box, but too many wet books and materials dropping to the base were damaged, so they invested in an update.

I see changes in the next couple years; I guess the trick is to update and not lose the small town charm.

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