Library Visit Notes: Patron Computers & Internet Access


Computers are an integral part of patron use and enjoyment at Kennebunk Free Library.  Internet connection is via two  T-1 phone lines for wired and wireless access (wireless is unsecured).  Though they participate in the Federal e-rate program, the library pays an additional yearly $300 fee to the Maine State Library in order to bypass government-mandated filters.  A Maine State grant allowed for the purchase of six Lenovo computers (4 for adults, 2 for children) that run Windows 7 software.  Patron computers have magnifying screens and voice reading.  KFL uses SAS (Sierra Automated Systems) as their automation backbone.

Walking in the front door and up the stairs at KFL brings you to the Adult Circulation Desk.  To the left is a standing kiosk of 4 computers.  Three offer Internet Express in 1/2 hour increments, the fourth houses the online library catalog (


Adult Kiosk/4 terminals: 3 Internet Express & 1 OPAC

(Lynda Bryan, retired Graves Library Children’s Librarian, verbal permission received )

There are also four sitting Internet stations, grouped at one table adjacent to the standing kiosk that may be used for 1 hour per sitting.


online access stations

(verbal permission of patrons granted for photo for school project only)

The Children’s Library in the basement also has 5 terminals available in 1/2 hour increments for preschoolers through the 6th grade.  One is a colorful child-sized game computer (Friday afternoon Game Club!), 1 holds Minerva and 3 offer Internet access. (Older grades use the adult computers on the main floor or laptops – please see below).


Children’s Area Computer Station

IMG_1382 IMG_1380 IMG_1383

close-ups of gaming computer & headphones

KFL’s Computer Policy is posted in both the children and adult areas & is available online (  Basic rules apply:

  • Internet use is a privilege; all local, state and federal laws apply.
  • Kennebunk Free Library provides unregulated Internet access; parents are responsible for guiding their child’s use.
  • Patrons must sign in at the children or adult circulation desk, using one’s first name.
  • Computers are available on a first come-first serve basis.  Patrons can reserve one hour time blocks up to 24 hour in advance; no reservation is guaranteed after 10 minutes; patrons arriving late will not receive additional time.
  • Downloading files or programs is allowable via personal disc, CD ROM or flash drive; discs may be purchased at the Main Circulation Desk for $2.
  • Personal headphones may be used at a volume that does not disturb other patrons.


Acceptable Use Policy

(please click image for easier reading)

KFL also offers 4 in-house Levono ThinkPad L512 laptops that may be used in 3-hour increments for patrons 18 years and older. Patrons leave a driver’s license or credit card at the front desk, sign a laptop use agreement, and are responsible for any damages. Data may be temporarily saved to the laptop until the patron saves it to a flashdrive or CD; upon returning, all saved data and settings are permanently erased.  KFL provides a Laptop Lending Policy for all interested patrons (


Levono ThinkPad L512

Still lots to report – check back for Web 2.0, e-books, audio CDs, staff tech support, tech budgets and the odd piece of KFL trivia and technology challenges!


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